About Us

bdAlfa Coils & Condensers involves in Design, Engineering and Construction of Cooling faciliteis targeting the Food Processing/Services, Fruits & Vegetables, Hospitality, Pharmaceuticlas, Horticulture / Floriculture, Dairy & Ice Cream Indutries, Meat & Fish & Many others from last three decades.
We thinks in terms of total performance and understand the finacial investment involved. It is essential that our clients are completely satisfied with their expansion project both operationally and financially. We offer state-of-the-art innovative facility designs, constuction and practival solutions that have a positive, meaningful impact on our client’s profitability.
ALFA Coils & Condersers is renowned in Ammonia Refrigeration Industries for our cuntibutions and deveopments in refrigeration equipments and energy management.

Liquid Feeding Pump system

liquid feeding pump system

Evaporative Condenser

evaporative condenser3

Evaporative Condenser

evaporative condenser2

Evaporative Condenser

evaporative condenser

Axial Flow Fan

axial flow fan